Best DevPortal Beyond REST Platforms

How do developer portals go beyond REST platforms?

Developer Portals can unify interfaces from across a range of technologies, to create a systematic (business) developer experience. The interfaces could be non-REST APIs, event catalogues, widgets, or even QR codes. The developer portal might provide interfaces for data collections, AI or IoT services, or other types of developer platforms.

Your developer portal combines cataloging and documentation of individual assets with sense making and storytelling to help developers discover the right affordance for their project.

Award Criteria

Questions to ask:

  • How coherent is your offering, do you help developers to create a mental model or system map of your interface landscape?
  • Do you help developers to find an easier lower maintenance way to implement an experience (e.g. through an SDK or widget you maintain and support), even if they came looking for an API?
  • Are you offering libraries or other technical resources outside of OAS files?
  • Do you offer asynchronous APIs? 
  • Do you have non-API interfaces?
  • Are you providing interfaces for data collections, AI, or IoT, or for still another type of developer platform?
  • Do your SDKs offer a range of options to developers?