Best use of Monetization

Direct or indirect monetization?

Developer Portals active in monetizing on their API products through self-service or other integrations. The monetization can be in the direct generation of revenue for themselves or indirect through revenue paid out to consumers.

This award showcases businesses that are transparent and comprehensible in their monetization offering.

Award Criteria

Questions to ask:

  • Is it clear how the developer or business using the API and subsequent end users benefit from the offering?

  • Is it easy to understand and get started (for example, self-service pricing plans, pay-as-you-go, freemium)?

  • How has your business reduced friction and increased trust around your offering?

  • Does your direct monetization offer make sense to your users?

  • Does the pricing model satisfy user needs?

  • Are your pricing plans clear and transparent?

  • Do you communicate pricing upfront? 

  • Is the use and documentation of your monetization model clear and easy to understand?

  • How much friction does the monetization model create for API consumers?


Read more about Monetization and the Business Case on the Pronovix Blog.


Nominees in this Category

UP42 GmbH

UP42 Documentation Hub (2023)

Masdr Data Solutions

Masdr Developer Portal (2023)