Best API Reference Documentation

What makes a developer portal stand out in API reference documentation & support?

Developer portals that improve on API reference documentation. Success in this category means that a user is experiencing no obstacles when integrating, finding extras to speed up their work, learning how to find support if needed, and figuring out how to maintain an API integration. 

These developer portals serve their audience well with an engaging design, reference topics, and being creative in making the API reference documentation journey easy and discoverable.

Evaluation includes navigation, appearance, utility, how easy to use, and completeness.

Award Criteria

Questions to ask:

  • As a registered user, can I access information that is relevant to the API product's use?

  • How does your devportal improve on API reference documentation from an end user's point of view? 

  • How can users find solutions to problems that occurred? 

  • How do you provide “try it out” and sandbox functionality?

  • How do you support developer needs? E.g. code examples, multiple coding languages, anchor links, dark mode, easy navigation, ...

  • What kinds of reference documentation is important and how is it available?

  • Is there logic to the information provided or is it everything and the kitchen sink?

As there are usually many nominees in this category, final selection between finalists is usually based on usability and the utility of the developer portal.

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