Best Developer Portal for alternatives to REST-APIs

Why document interfaces?

Documentation is at a crossroads as a crucial component for any type of software integration. Developer portals began as a means of documenting Rest APIs. However, with a broadening of the types of interfaces to integrate between software, computer hardware, mechanical peripheral devices, humans and any combination of these, businesses are challenged to increase the scope of documentation they provide to include these other integrations.

Award Criteria

This award looks at the application of good documentation practices to non-Rest-API integrations. 

  • Does your developer portal push the boundaries of integrations?
  • Do you have solutions that cater to business or citizen developers?
  • Is your DevPortal focused on other types of integrations for example serving AI or IoT solutions?
  • Have you created a successful system for providing support and documentation for your integration products?
  • What innovative use of widgets, low-code, no-code, SDKs, and other interfaces contribute to the success of the developer portal? 
  • How easy is it for the target audience to find alternative interfaces solutions?


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