Best New DX Innovation

How do you Enable & Engage your users?

This category showcases trend setters that introduce new ways to boost developer experience, in discoverability, onboarding, developing, support, maintenance that should become the new normal for all developer portals.

Award Criteria

Questions to ask:

  • Have you found a new or innovative way of solving a user experience problem?
  • How does your devportal lead the way in boosting developer experience?
  • Do you address developers differently (for example, do you pay attention to specific subgroups)?
  • Is there something about your users' journey of API discovery that should be celebrated?

Read more about the Best New DX Innovation, API Friction, and User-Focused Content Design  on the Pronovix Blog.

Nominees in this Category home page header

Meta (2023)


Fastly Developer Hub (2023)


Miro Developer Platform (2023)

Dolby Laboratories (2023)


Codat Docs (2023)


Monite API Developer Portal (2023)


Pipedrive Developers' Corner (2023)

Global Payments Inc.

Global Payments Developer Portal (2023)