AEVI Developer Portal

AEVI International GmbH

Introduction of the portal

The AEVI developer portal allows app developers to easily access AEVI’s API documentation and submit applications to be installed and accessed through smart payment devices. Users can develop and access a global sales channel that helps merchants run their business more efficiently and improve their customer experience.

Why nominated

We nominate our portal because we believe it is a well-designed website, providing easy onboarding with very straightforward policies & terms of use. AEVI aims to provide the easiest experience for developers to access documentation and sign up to develop apps within our ecosystem.

  • The portal has been designed so that documentation is readily accessible, without needing any registration for our open APIs. Even signing up is only a few clicks away, with very simple and clear terms and conditions.
  • The documentation for each of our APIs is well structured with a section on how to get started, more detailed API overviews, FAQs and finally the downloads required to test the APIs yourself. Developers also have the ability to search through all of our documentation, FAQs and downloads for any specific content of interest.
  • The proposition and process for a developer to sign up and partner with AEVI is also clearly mentioned, along with the supporting workflow built into the portal. We have a dedicated team of App Portfolio Managers who are available to guide developers through this process. We have made it as easy as ever to get in touch with them through contact widgets and links on the developer portal.

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