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Introduction of the portal

The Amadeus for Developers portal - Self-Service APIs offer easy and straight access to travel data and services such as finding flight offers, hotel offers, travel intelligence content to understand travelers' behaviors, finding the most liked places in any cities and artificial intelligence API to help you to find the best offers.


Why nominated

With the Self-Service approach, any developers in the world can create an account in less than 1min and do the first API call in less than 3min. Everything is done to improve the user experience and facilitate the onboarding process. You can find guides and high-quality open source SDKs. When a new user creates an account, they access the test environment for free where they can play with all APIs without paying (in a controlled environment). They can prototype and build their applications there. Once ready, they can perform a "move to production" by entering their payment method directly on the website, signing the contract online and getting instantaneously access to production live data, paying only for what they use (pay per use). Amadeus for Developers offers technical support on StackOverflow, a functional and business support by email or on Slack. The main questions are available into the FAQ.

To sum up, it takes only a few minutes to create an account and get access to the API. Using the SDKs or the examples it's extremely easy to build the first application in a few hours.


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