DHL Group Developer Portal

Deutsche Post DHL Group

Introduction of the portal

The DHL Group Developer Portal is targeted to become a single channel for DPDHL’s APIs, covering the 220 Countries and Territories where DHL has presence. The portal offers different capabilities to enable developers to discover, evaluate and use the different DHL products:

  • API Catalog: List and categorize APIs in a searchable and understandable form. Developers can filter the catalog by Service Type, Country and Division.
  • API page: Each API has their own page, enabling developers to understand its scope, example use cases and Try It out directly from the portal.
  • API Documentation: Contains instructions about how to use and integrate with APIs.
  • Self-service Onboarding: Developers can create their own Apps in order to get the API keys / credentials.
  • Help Center: Frequently Asked Questions and a Contact Form are available in case of support needs


Why nominated

The portal is developed to ease how customers and partners discover, learn and use DHL’s APIs. It’s a first step to have a single point of contact in place for all API related developments in DPDHL with additional APIs being added over the course of the year. Also, developers feedback is being collected and implemented into the portal design and features over the time.

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