ServiceChannel Developer Portal


Introduction of the Portal

ServiceChannel Developer Portal is a knowledge hub for those who want to create apps based on the ServiceChannel API. On this portal, developers can study the introductory info on the ServiceChannel API, dig into detailed guides and tutorials as well as see the magic happen in the API reference and playground. The portal also contains conceptual overviews of the company features and modules, which helps developers get up to speed and quickly understand the platform as a whole.

ServiceChannel is a company renowned for its facility and contractor management platform. The platform is used for managing repair and maintenance services across multiple locations from a single hub.

Why nominated

This portal is all about a perfect mix of minimalist and clean design with the well-structured, easy-to-navigate, and reader-friendly content. The portal provides developers with all the info they need to start using the ServiceChannel API as well as allows them to try and test the API on the interactive playground.

The portal is built on the Jekyll platform, and its creators follow the trendy docs-as-code approach.

And it has a cartoon!

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