Shutterstock Developers


Introduction of the portal

The Shutterstock Developer Portal familiarizes visitors with the Shutterstock API and equips developers with the information they need to integrate quickly. In addition to the home page, the Shutterstock Developer Portal contains:

  • Solutions (API capabilities) and Use Cases (applicable verticals)
  • Partners (divided into verticals) - API documentation with intuitive information architecture
  • API reference with code samples in cURL, Node.JS, and PHP as well as a Postman collection and Quick Start Guide
  • JavaScript SDK and SDK Integration Guide
  • API Status Page
  • Pricing with FAQ


Why nominated

The Shutterstock Developer Portal supports a positive developer experience by guiding consumers through all stages of evaluation, testing, implementation, and use. It also shows information in a consumable way for business stakeholders, beginning implementers, and enterprise consumers. To accelerate integration, it includes:

  • Free, automated signup process
  • Code samples in 3 languages, a JavaScript SDK, and a Postman collection for easy testing
  • Task-based documentation based on user data documenting developer intent and workflow
  • A Quick Start Guide and in-depth API reference to support all developers ranging from those working on simple use cases to complex integrations
  • A sandbox that allows consumers to test integrations without committing transactions.

To convey the functionality and value of the Shutterstock API to business stakeholders, the dev portal provides:

  • Images of an user-facing interface next to its associated code snippet on the homepage
  • Copy that reflects industry-specific needs and pain points for each Use Case page
  • Partners page that can be filtered by use cases

On the aesthetic front, it uses a consistent, responsive design schema and vibrant imagery from Shutterstock’s image library that is available through the API.

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