PTC ThingWorx Developer Portal

Introduction of the Portal

The ThingWorx Developer Portal is an online destination for developers to learn, explore, and use ThingWorx to build IIoT solutions.

  • LEARN how to use the platform to build industrial IoT applications by following guided walkthroughs and learning paths.
  • EXPLORE the capabilities of the platform using free product trials.
  • USE a ThingWorx Trial to build your own POC and evaluate whether ThingWorx is the right fit for your team and use case.

Why nominated

The ThingWorx Developer Portal has a lot of resources that help a user get up to speed and learn about the platform. Focusing on the end user, we put a lot of thought into the user experience and overall design. Our developer portal contains materials that are necessary to support a developer along the onboarding path to delivering an IIoT application from concept to deployment.

  • Providing different types and levels of experiences, the Developer Portal guides new and experienced developers through the entire ThingWorx technology stack. This freedom helps them evaluate whether ThingWorx is the best fit for their IoT use case and will allow them to achieve their business goals.
  • Enabling developers of all kinds to create quick wins, or rapidly create a prototype application or proof of concept.
  • Provides all the tools and resources necessary to allow developers to quickly build new skills.

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