UR+ Developer Portal

Introduction of the portal

The UR+ portal gives developers access to the URCap software development kit (SDK) which allows us to build software plug-ins for peripherals (such as grippers and sensors) for Universal Robots. It also provides all information on the best practices to develop and gives access to a forum with a growing community of developers sharing information, helped by experts from Universal Robots.

Why nominated

"UR+ is great for companies like Robotiq as it allows us to seamlessly integrate our products for Universal Robots. From a user standpoint, the products are therefore seen as natural extensions of the robot or "robot upgrades." Unlike many software development portals, this one is primarily targeted to ease the deployment of physical products to work with UR robots. The business model includes a showroom to gather interest and generate leads for UR partners, making end users confident that they are buying UR+ certified products. The developer forum lets us see issues that others have and how they solved their problem and lets developers from different organisations vote for new API features. We are able to develop our products from the ground up to be optimized for UR robots."

"I'm nominating the UR+ development portal because it is an innovative space in which to develop software. The forum page is easy to use, and allows direct access to a whole community of developers. Users are quick to respond to posts, and often posts will receive responses from UR development staff who are always friendly and helpful in trying to diagnose issues or assist with development problems. Users can “like” helpful posts to let the writers know it’s appreciated, pin responses which contain the solutions, and receive community badges as rewards for various actions, such as likes received, days visited, or contributions made. Not only this, but as users become more trusted within the community, they are rewarded with greater control over the forum, with abilities such as re-categorising/renaming topics, more powerful spam flags, and pinning topics. The forum also allows developers to submit suggestions and feature requests if they find that the current API doesn't grant certain functionality, as well as report any bugs that developers find in either the API or in Polyscope (the software interface that Universal Robots run on). The UR+ development team are excellent at responding to feature requests and bug reports, often fixing/implementing requests in the latest software versions. All of these features make for a very friendly, reliable, and trustworthy community, and help me feel more connected to the UR+ team."

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