ABN AMRO Developer Portal (2020)

ABN Amro Developer hero screenshot


Introduction of the portal

In 2017 we launched our Developer Portal. Being the first major Dutch bank to do so, it was a big step towards our ambitions in building secure, social and ground-breaking digital ecosystems. Building the future of banking is something we do together. Therefore, we are providing a number of APIs for commercial clients, partners and third parties. We will add more and more as time goes by. Since 2017, we have learned a lot. Based on the lessons learned we have built a totally new Developer Portal which combines a new user experience with improved back-end processes. We are proud of the improvements that we have made, and invite you to see the result. Our Developer Portal provides the one-stop shop for all our API products, the accompanying technical documentation and support. Furthermore, blogs and big events have inspired thousands of developers with an account to build new user experiences and integrations. Currently over 3.500 developers have registered an account with us.


Why nominated

Our new Developer Portal has some nice new features. Have a look at what’s changed:

1. Look and feel
It might not be very noticeable at first, as we obviously have an ABN AMRO brand style. However, we have a new modern look and feel that is different from the previous Developer Portal. It gives us a nice way to present our content to you, and of course it is easy on the eyes!

2. Navigation
In providing the best Developer Portal experience, usability is key. We improved the navigation on the home and documentation pages, giving a nice and improved overview, as well as helping visitors get to the right page quickly.

3. Documentation
In ABN AMRO, we value the power of good documentation. It provides clear and concise information to our users and reduces the burden on support. When designing the new Developer Portal we focused on improving the processes that control how we create documentation. We now use a docs-as-code approach. This means that we maximize automation, use pipelines, and generate docs directly from the API specifications. In doing this, we can reduce the amount of effort required to make the documentation, while also providing more detailed information on all operations.

4. Support
Support is everything. The new Developer Portal enables us to improve our support processes. Do you have a business inquiry, or are you stuck in your development? With clear directions, we help you to find the answers you need.