The Best Developer Portals in 2021


In 2021 a record number (49) of independent developer portals had been nominated for the Devportal Awards, and winners were announced in 18 categories.

Read the article on winners to learn more about 2021's latest trends, best practices and most outstanding developer portal solutions:


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Why the DevPortal Awards?

We wanted to create an opportunity to showcase innovative leaders and their developer portals in the API and interface space. The DevPortal Awards is an opportunity to celebrate the work that goes into developer portals that are not only targeted to developers but also aligned to business needs and operable by its maintainers.


The DevPortal Awards seeks to recognize the best solutions available today and push the boundaries of what we believe to be the key components of a developer portal for tomorrow.

How does it work?


10 May - 30 July

Nominations for DevPortal Awards 2021 have now been closed. All nominees will be considered for the Best Overall and Community Awards. 


Jury | Public Vote

1 September - 7 November

A jury of experts will select winners from nominees. There is also one award for the winner of a public community vote.



10 November and 15 December

Two (now virtual) free Gala events will be held to announce the winners in November and December.

New Award Categories!

On the advice of our 2020 Jury, we are introducing award categories that recognize not only excellence in developer experience but also in the alignment with business and operability of the DevPortal. Fifteen awards will be distributed in total. Three awards will be awarded in the Best Overall Developer Portal category: two by the jury and one by the community via public voting.

What you need to know

Who chooses the winners of the DevPortal Awards?

The winners of the 15 awards will be selected by our highly qualified Jury in October. Jurors are invited to volunteer based on experience within the APItheDocs and DevPortals community. They have extensive experience in the API program, API documentation, or developer portal space.

What do I get for winning the DevPortal Awards?

The winners will have the benefit of a peer reviewed award for their developer portal. Winners receive public recognition of their efforts to the success of their API/interface program/community via their developer portal.

Find out about our past winners.

How do I receive my award for the DevPortal Awards?

The winners will be announced and awarded during two free virtual Gala events in November and December 2021. We'll share a calendar invite with all those nominated when the date is close.

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What is the DevPortal Awards Gala?

The first Gala Event will announce the award winners for the developer experience categories, while the second Gala event will announce the winners for the operational maturity and business alignment categories, as well as the Best Overall developer portals.


Who are Pronovix and why do they sponsor the DevPortal Awards?

Pronovix, the devportal company, is about using research, encouraging learning, and supporting knowledge sharing to promote the growth and development of not only our products but of our people, the communities we support, and our customers' businesses. We sponsor the DevPortal Awards to this effort.


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