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Nominations for the 2024 DevPortal Awards are open!

Submit your entry by August 5th.

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What stood out in 2023?

Here are some of the conclusions of the Jury Panel:

  • providing a cohesive experience is critical
  • there is better infrastructure for trying out APIs and more mature integration into authentication
  • the ability to interact with an API of any kind directly in the documentation is valuable, and really contributes to the learning experience
  • many portals incorporate user experience research and design; the customer is recognized as a part of the design process
  • gamification is always a nice addition

Explore the thoughts of the Jury Panel in depth and learn from their insights to bring your developer portal to the next level!

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What are the DevPortal Awards?

The DevPortal Awards were established to spotlight innovative leaders and their exceptional developer portals in the API space. This event celebrates the efforts behind creating developer portals that not only cater to developers but also align with business needs and are easily maintainable.

The DevPortal Awards aim to recognize today’s best solutions and push the boundaries of what we consider to be the essential components of tomorrow’s developer portals.

What's new in 2024

In our 7th season, we're continuing to celebrate innovation and acknowledge emerging trends. This year, we're introducing two new categories, rethinking some existing ones, and saying goodbye to a few favourites.

Best AI-augmented User Experience in a Developer Portal is a new category for developer portals that are already engaged in AI-related projects. Another new category, Best Unified Enterprise Developer Portal, spotlights portals that were created to serve as the one unified platform for the extensive API portfolios of large and complex corporations.

In the Best Accessible Multimodal Documentation in a Developer Portal category, we celebrate developer portals that create and convey meaning through the combination of more than one mode for the purpose of better accessibility. With the Best Reference Documentation Beyond REST APIs, we're looking for portals that stand out in guiding non-REST API integration journeys. In the Best Served Integration Solutions in a Developer Portal category, we are looking to award the best patterns for how a portal can include solutions that solve the same problem in a different way.

While the Best Visual Design, Best Community Support and Outreach, and Best New DX Innovation were popular categories in the past, we've decided to focus on other (new) aspects in 2024.

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3 June 3 - 5 August 

Join us in celebrating the best developer portal solutions in 2024 by nominating your favourites.

Submit your entry here


Jury evaluation

September - October

Every year, we seek the most outstanding solutions with the help of experienced jurors, who are volunteers and have a long experience with API programs, developer portals and API documentation.


Awards Gala

13 November

Join us in celebrating at the online Gala event where we announce the winners and highlight outstanding solutions and state-of-the-art practices.

What you need to know

Who chooses the winners of the DevPortal Awards?

The winners of the awards will be selected by an independent Jury. Jurors will be invited to volunteer based on their extensive experience in the API program, API documentation, or developer portal space.

What do I get for winning the DevPortal Awards?

The benefit of a peer reviewed award for your developer portal. Public recognition of the developer portal contributing to the success of your API program. Digital badge, and a printed certificate mailed to the developer portal team.

How do I receive my award for the DevPortal Awards?

The winners will be announced and awarded during the free virtual Gala event in November. We'll share a calendar invite with all those nominated when the date is close.

What is the DevPortal Awards Gala?

The virtual Gala Event is dedicated to celebrate teamwork and excellence. We will invite the Award Winners and the Jurors to share their insights on the virtual stage: what lessons they learnt and what challenges they had to face.


Who are Pronovix and why do they sponsor the DevPortal Awards?

Pronovix, the developer portal company, is about using research, encouraging learning, and supporting knowledge sharing to promote the growth and development of not only their products but of their people, the communities they support, and their customers' businesses. They sponsor the DevPortal Awards to this effort.

In their bi-weekly newsletter, Pronovix publishes their research articles, podcasts, webinars and other materials that explore developer portal strategies, best practices and success stories.

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