Applaud the Best DevPortals

The DevPortal Awards brings together the API community, to celebrate and learn from the world’s greatest developer portals and their API documentation.

About DevPortal Awards

What is DevPortal Awards?


A handful of leaders in the API space are developing DX innovations for their API products and developer portals, but these efforts are not coordinated, and it is difficult to see clear trends in the API docs space. We want to create an opportunity to celebrate the best developer portals and their API documentation components, so that the API industry as a whole can accelerate its own learning. The DevPortal Awards will recognize and celebrate the best solutions in a number of categories - what we believe to be the key components of a developer portal.

Nomination conditions

  1. Every nominated portal must be a public (not internal) API developer portal.
  2. Multiple category submission of a portal is allowed, in a maximum of three categories.
  3. Nomination and subsequent publicity must be accepted in writing by the owner of the portal. The Organizing Committee will contact every nominee in an email to ask their consent.
  4. Submissions are accepted from June until September.
  5. Every nominee is running for the Best Overall Developer Portal automatically. In this category two winners will be selected, one by the community and one by the jury.


Gala event in London

DevPortal Awards news image

We are planning the gala event, where the winners of each category will be announced, on 9 November. Stay tuned for details!

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 01:54

Nominate the best portals

DevPortal Awards news image

Nomination starts on 11 June. Anyone can nominate by filling in the nomination form and any public developer portal can be nominated. Check out the nomination criteria before submitting!

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 01:49

Project launch in Paris

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We launched the DevPortal Awards project at the API the Docs conference in Paris on April 24. We are very excited! Let's find the best developer portals together!

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 01:43


Let's find the developer portal that provides the best overall experience for its users together! Every nominee enters the Best Overall Developer Portal category automatically. At the end, two portals will be selected - one by the community and one by the Awards Jury.


Nomination categories



fingerprint card
Best devportal policies & terms of use

Devportals that build trust through a genuine approach even in the seemingly unglamorous topic of policies and terms of use.

gear card
Best post-integration & maintenance support

Devportals that do an exceptional job in creating trust towards their APIs by clearly, yet innovatively indicating their availability and reliability. Portals that make it easy to maintain an API integration through great release notes and other maintenance support.

smiley card
Best community spotlight and outreach

Devportals with creative solutions or initiatives to show developers that their work is appreciated. Portals with great community sections where developers can share knowledge and build connections.

bracket card
Best API reference documentation

Devportals that improve on API reference documentation and how they integrate with “try it out”, and sandbox functionality: the heart of developer experience.

document  icon
Best decision maker documentation

Organizations will only use an API if they understand the value of it, that is why it is important to increase the perceived value of an API through appropriate and clear business descriptions.

Arrows card
Best onboarding

Devportals that clearly show what their APIs are about, how they work, how developers can start integrating and where they can find resources.

graph card
Best API business model

Devportals that not only have innovative business models but also found an innovative way to present them. E.g. API pricing model innovations, new ways to monetise APIs and how these are explained on the portal.

keyboard card
Best new DX innovation

Devportals that lead the way in boosting developer experience for their developers as a whole or for specific subgroups of developers (e.g. more/less advanced, different communities,...) through DX innovations or well executed existing technologies.

brush card
Best design

Devportals that found the perfect harmony of usability, content and aesthetics and present every aspect of the APIs in a well-structured, understandable way. Developer portals that inspire trust through superior production quality.