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DevPortal Awards brings together the API community to recognize, celebrate and learn from the world’s greatest developer portals and their API documentation.

About DevPortal Awards

What is DevPortal Awards?


A handful of leaders in the API space are developing DX innovations for their API products and developer portals, but these efforts are not coordinated, and it is difficult to see clear trends in the API docs space. We want to create an opportunity to celebrate the best developer portals and their API documentation components, so that the API industry as a whole can accelerate its own learning. The DevPortal Awards will recognize and celebrate the best solutions in a number of categories - what we believe to be the key components of a developer portal.

DevPortal Awards 2019


The Awards team is happy to announce that Nomination is open! Nomination criteria haven't changed – you can nominate any public API developer portal. 


1 May - 30 June: Nomination 
1 August - 30 September: Public voting
11 October: Awards Gala in Amsterdam


Who is going to win the Community Prize in 2019?

DevPortal Awards 2019

Public voting ends at the end of this month. So far the portals received almost 1500 votes and it seems there are 5 very popular ones with over 100 votes each. Who is going to win? 

There's still plenty of time to mobilize your fans! We cheerlead for every contestant on Twitter by liking and re-tweeting your voting promo. Let the most enthusiastic team win!

Who are the members of the Jury in 2019?


We're thrilled to announce that Anne Gentle, Lukas Rosenstock and Bob Watson confirmed to form the DevPortal Awards Jury in 2019.

They're going to select the winners in 11 categories and they'll also decide on the Best Overall Developer Portal Jury prize.

Public voting starts next month!


Public voting in the Best Overall category starts in August and this year you'll need to register with your email address before voting for your favourite portal. Voting might take a bit longer than last year, but we hope we'll create a fair(er) contest by introducing this 2-step process.

Good luck to the contestants!


Best devportal policies & terms of use
Best post-integration & maintenance support
Best community spotlight and outreach
Best API reference documentation
Best decision maker documentation
Best onboarding
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Best API business model
Best new DX innovation
Best design
Best accessible devportal
Best international & localized devportal
Best Overall Developer Portal
Best Overall Developer Portal

Nominees for Best Overall Developer Portal

Nexmo Developer

Nexmo, The Vonage API Platform

Amadeus for Developers

Amadeus IT Group SA

Shutterstock Developers


Sabre Dev Studio