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DevPortal Awards brings together the API community to recognize, celebrate and learn from the world’s greatest developer portals and their API documentation.

About DevPortal Awards

What is DevPortal Awards?


A handful of leaders in the API space are developing DX innovations for their API products and developer portals, but these efforts are not coordinated, and it is difficult to see clear trends in the API docs space. We want to create an opportunity to celebrate the best developer portals and their API documentation components, so that the API industry as a whole can accelerate its own learning. The DevPortal Awards recognizes and celebrates the best solutions in a number of categories - what we believe to be the key components of a developer portal.

DevPortal Awards 2020


This year we're introducing a few novelties in the categories: we put more emphasis on the experience behind the firewall . A new category, Best Developer Dashboard, rewards developer portals which take specific care of the “logged-in developer” user journey, for instance.

In 2020, the Best Overall Developer Portal category applauds mature portals, which excel in UX & DX from both an internal and external angle. Entry to this category stays automatic but the teams behind the portals will need to submit a written walkthrough with illustrations to show why they excel in this category. We revised other existing categories as well. Some got merged, some got amended with new criteria. For the full category list, visit the Categories page.

Nomination: 15th June – 15th August
Public voting: 15th September – 31st October
Awards Gala: 25th November (online)


What goes into an award winning developer portal?


Interview with the 3 Jury Members who judged 32 developer portal nominations over 9 award categories for this year’s DevPortal Awards.

Pronovix and the organizers would like to thank our three Jurors for their time and energy dedicated to selecting the winners of the 2020 Devportal Awards.

Judging the DevPortal Awards


In this podcast, one of the judges, Ellis Pratt from Cherryleaf, reviews their decision criteria.

While he's walking along the bank of River Thames, he's sharing insights about what makes a great developer portal keeping in focus those categories he selected to review.

Winners in 2020


We had a magical evening at the first ever online Awards Gala on 11/25, kudos to everyone who contributed to it!

We're truly grateful for the value the Jury & the winners provided in their interviews – we're planning to publish several follow-up content in December & 2021. Stay tuned!


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Best Community Spotlight and Outreach
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Best API Reference Documentation & Support
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Best Onboarding
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Best API Business Model
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Best New DX Innovation
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Best Design
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Best Accessible Devportal
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Best International & Localized Devportal
Best Developer Dashboard
Best Developer Dashboard
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Best Overall Developer Portal

Nominees for Best Overall Developer Portal