DevPortal Awards Timeline

Submit your entry by August 5th.

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Shine a Spotlight on Your Developer Portal

The award nomination is open to any live external developer portal of high UX maturity, regardless of company size.

In 2024, you'll have two months to submit your entry and showcase the outstanding solutions your team has developed. Nominations will close on 5 August.

The submitted portals will be evaluated in September and October by a panel of jurors with extensive knowledge of API programs, developer portals, and API documentation.

The gala event in November will celebrate the winners and highlight remarkable achievements, and it will also offer a rare chance for the community to come together and exchange ideas. 

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What are the benefits of participation in the DevPortal Awards?

Beyond the recognition and exhilaration of winning an award, there are significant benefits of going through the nomination process. In this article, we share some stories from former nominees to show why the journey is especially worth the destination.

How to enter the Best Overall DevPortal Award category


We celebrate the overall excellence with the prestigious Best Overall Award. We present awards for both the Best Overall Enterprise DevPortal and the Best Overall SME DevPortal.


Entry is automatic for every winner of a Best-in-Class award. However, the teams behind these portals must complete a questionnaire that highlights what makes their portal stand out. The Organizing Committee will email the form after the nomination is submitted.


The information collected will be reviewed by the Jury Panel, who will decide the winner of the "Best Overall DevPortal" title.

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