Insights of the Jury panel

The jurors of DevPortal Awards have expertise that spans business development, UX, technical writing, design, development, developer relations and API strategy. They are experts in their fields, and conduct their activity as jurors in a vendor- and gateway neutral way. We interview them each year to highlight novelties and industry standards, to recognize the best developer portal solutions available today.



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What are the benefits of participation in the Awards?

Winning a prestigious award showcases your achievements to the world, and the nomination process itself also brings a force of internal animation.

In a panel talk at Apidays Paris, some of last year’s contenders shared their thoughts on the benefits of the nomination and the advice they would give to aspiring teams.

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In 2023, we worked with 13 extraordinary people in the jury panel, who put their hearts and souls into the evaluation. This article highlights 

  • Emerging focal points in developer portals compared to a few years ago
  • Practices they hope to see abandoned
  • Surprising or innovative approaches observed during their evaluation
  • Solutions they envision, even if currently in the realm of science fiction

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What goes into award winning portals in 2022?


Eleven jurors devoted many hours to carefully ensure a fair evaluation for all 43 nominees and highlight 2022's most outstanding API developer portal solutions. Their expertise in API programs, developer portals, and API documentation has helped to point out best practices and what it would be better to say farewell to.


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What was the state-of-the-art in 2021?


In 2021, the jurors tackled 49 developer portals nominations over 15 categories. To achieve this, they were split into three working groups with the responsibility of 5 categories each and returned to collectively select the final overall winners.


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The Best Developer Portals of 2021


The 2021 the Developer Portal awards saw 49 independent developer portals nominated for 13 awards. Here are the winners, runner ups and notable mentions for 2021!

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What key aspects to take into account when reviewing Awards categories?


Interview with the 3 Jury Members, Emmelyn Wang, Ellis Pratt and Bob Watson PhD, who judged 32 developer portal nominations over 9 award categories for DevPortal Awards 2020. 


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The Best Developer Portals of 2019

In 2019, the DevPortal Awards counted 11 categories. Nominated portals automatically ran for the Best Overall DevPortal. The jury, Bob Watson, Anne Gentle and Lukas Rosenstock chose the finalists and winners in each category. 

What makes your API references good? How can you boost developer experience? What docs do decision makers need? What ensures accessibility?


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The Best Developer Portals of 2018


What are the world's best developer portals? What do they do differently? Are there any best practices that everybody could and/or should be doing?

When launching the DevPortal Awards, our primary aim was to answer these questions - or at least trigger a discussion about them. Let’s see the winners and finalists of 2018 with a short summary of the jury’s evaluation.


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