Best Overall Developer Portal

Who qualifies to be considered for the Best Overall Award?

Every winner for a Best-in-Class award will be considered in the competition for the Best Overall Developer Portal awards.

Three awards will be granted for:

  1. Best Overall Enterprise DevPortal*,

  2. Best Overall SME DevPortal*, and

  3. Best DevPortal Community Prize.

Public voting will occur in September/October for the community prize.

* Each type of developer portal encounters its own unique challenges, available resources for innovation and scope for creativity. In the last several years the jury has been torn between these two distinctions. Therefore, two awards will be selected based on whether the developer portal is for a large enterprise or small/medium enterprise (SME) as defined when the portal is nominated.

Award Criteria

Every DevPortal that wins for a Best-in-Class award will be considered for the Best Overall award. 

For selecting the Best Overall Devportal winners, the jury inspects the developer portal from a holistic approach:

  • What makes a devportal stand out against competitors?

  • How do they elaborate on their strategy, UX/DX, and API documentation?

Nominee Questionnaire

There is a requirement to fill the nominee questionnaire that collects additional narrative information that is unknown or obscure to novel developer portal visitors. The information collected helps the DevPortal Awards jury to make their winner selection. 

The questionnaire must be completed if your portal is to be considered for the Best-in-Class DevPortals.


Why additional questions?

  • In the past, our jury has investigated nominations independently and hit a few obstacles in part because of the volume of nominations, access restrictions, and limited understanding of business models.

  • The questions are in respect to elements and areas that have been identified as markers for excellence in a developer portal.

  • Through your answers, the DevPortal Awards Jury can see what it is you excel at, why and how you made specific decisions — all in order to help select the Best Overall Devportal.

Who should answer the questions?

The questions address different aspects of a developer portal, so you may want to involve the knowledge connected to some specific roles within the team, for example: the product owner, lead architect, API developers, marketing engineer, UX designer/UX writer, and/or technical writers.

Who will see the information you submit? 

Raw data, resulting from this questionnaire, will be shared with Pronovix, DevPortal Awards organizers, and DevPortal Awards jury for the purpose of 

  • Evaluation and winner selection by the DevPortal Awards Jury

  • State of the Industry report with anonymised data by the Pronovix user experience team 

  • Research into trends and best practices with anonymised data by the Pronovix user experience team

Any identified mention of a specific devportal as a valuable spotlight will be published by the DevPortal Awards or Pronovix only to the extent of its publicly accessible aspects. By generating and sharing reports and articles we hope to inspire the community as a whole on how to improve their developer portals.


Nominees in this Category

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ABN AMRO Developer Portal (2023)

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BigCommerce Developer Center (2023)

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Talkdesk Developers (2023)

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Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group API Platform (2023)