DevPortal Awards 2024 Nomination Form

The purpose of the DevPortal Awards is to applaud the hard work of the teams that goes into the various aspects of developer portals, and to spotlight innovation and dedication towards excellence. Winning portals for the DevPortal Awards are chosen by an independent and knowledgeable group of unaffiliated jurors.

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You can select up to 3 categories. If ever you feel in doubt about what category to choose for your portal, you can find detailed descriptions under the Categories page

For returning winners looking for a new challenge, we recommend extending your achievements by nominating yourself to other categories



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Enter the Best Overall DevPortal category

We celebrate the overall excellence with the prestigious Best Overall award. We present awards for both the Best Overall Enterprise DevPortal and the Best Overall SME DevPortal. Please select one of the categories below to help the jurors rank your portal.


Important! Entrance in this category is only finalized with a completed Nominee Questionnaire. You receive this nominee questionnaire once we have the devportal manager/owner person’s approval for the nomination. Your answers in the nominee questionnaire will be accessible only to the jury panel, but we will not publish it anywhere.

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