Jury 2021

The winners of the Best-in-Class awards were chosen by the Awards Jury. They also selected the winners for the Best Overall Developer Portals. The Awards Jury always consists of volunteers who have a long experience with API programs, developer portals and documentation. 

Bob Watson, PhD

Bob is Senior Technical Writer at Amazon Web Services. He brings industry experience and academic research together with enthusiasm to prepare tomorrow's engineers and technical communicators for the diverse challenges they'll face as professionals.  

You can read his blog at Docs By Design, where he ponders technical writing, API documentation, and the world in general.

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Emmelyn Wang

Emmelyn is Global Business Development Leader for AWS Marketplace. She has been serving the technical communication and API community through developer experience advocacy, as an educator, and driving product conversations as an APIOps practitioner.

You can join the conversation via Meetup or Medium

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Katrien van Gijsel

Katrien is a digital enthusiast keen on strategic transformation and challenging environments. After a management traineeship at Fortis AG, she started at KBC in life insurance. 15 years later, with a background in innovation and data science, the new playground is Open & Beyond banking. There, she focuses on the business innovation and the KBC DevPortal.

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Sophie Rutard

Sophie has been working as API strategist for Euler Hermes (Allianz Group) for years. She also has been significantly contributing to EH’s digital transformation program, which resulted in a fully API and cloud-centric IT strategy that is currently being rolled out as a multi-year initiative. In her current position she is in charge of the transversal platforms for document management, Identity&access management and API DevRel – including API governance and the EH Developer Portal.

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Lukas Rosenstock

Lukas is a software developer (mostly PHP, some JS), technical writer, API consultant, and entrepreneur. He serves multiple clients with his unique combination of coding expertise, a perspective on business strategy as well as a passion for great documentation. Lukas is also building CloudObjects, an API directory, community and platform for developer tools.

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Ellis Pratt

Ellis is Director at Cherryleaf, a technical and UX content writing services company based in the UK. He is also a Council Member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

You can hear him on the Cherryleaf Podcast. It's a podcast on becoming a better technical and business communicator. 

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Michael Meng

Michael is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Merseburg University of Applied Science, where he now teaches courses on text analysis, text production, research methods and cognitive psychology in the B. Eng. and M. A. programs in Technical Communication. He presents regularly at conferences such as the European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication, Write the Docs, or the annual tcworld/tekom conference.

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Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is a senior technical writer based in Seattle and working for Google. He has a popular blog called idratherbewriting.com, which has a lot of visibility in the tech comm community, and a free API documentation course at idratherbewriting.com/learnapidoc that provides a good introduction to API documentation.

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Flavio Geraldes

Flavio is an experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Passionate about digital transformation and driving innovation. It's his desire to re-imagine services using technology to drive new business models.

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Flavio Geraldes
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Liz Couto

Liz Couto is a marketer, writer, and speaker based in Toronto, Canada. With over a decade spent working in marketing and advertising, much of her career has been dedicated to programs and tools for developers and API partners. Currently, Liz Couto works as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Shopify’s Developer Program, and previously held roles at Twitter Canada and J. Walter Thompson.

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Katalin Nagygyörgy

Kata is director of UX at platformOS. Her main interest lies in UX strategy and processes with a particular focus on developing a user-centric design for a positive impact.
She has years of experience with designing developer portals (define architectural decisions based on business strategy, establish content-driven design processes, iterative development based on user research, integration experience). She is passionate about research and her psychology Ph.D. helps her to think globally about a product.

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