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Are you a Best-in-Class Developer Portal?

Does your API developer portal excel in "Developer Experience", "Business Alignment" and/or "Operational Maturity"? Do you strive for excellence in, as an example: accessibility, onboarding, monetization, or internal experiences?

You can nominate your DevPortal for up to 4 Best-in-Class awards.


Read about our award categories

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Enter the Best Overall DevPortal Award that fits you!

Overall excellence of DevPortals is celebrated with the Best Overall Award.

Entry is automatic for all DevPortals nominated to the Best-in-Class awards with an additional requirement that the team(s) behind the developer portals submit a form questionnaire that walks through why they stand out. The DPA Organizing Committee will share the form via email after the nomination is submitted.

The information collected will be provided to the Jury who ultimately makes the decision on who takes home the title of "Best Overall DevPortal".

From our past years experience, we recognize the differences in not only requirements but the amount of resources that go into a DevPortal built for enterprise or SME businesses. For this reason, from 2021 we will present an award for Best Overall Enterprise DevPortal and for Best Overall SME DevPortal.


Go for the Community Prize!

The community prize is an opportunity to demonstrate the collective support and popularity from your DevPortal community, social media influence, partners, and fans.

The Community Prize will be awarded to the DevPortal receiving the most votes from a public vote. Public voting will be open for the month of September. Voters are encouraged to visit this site in September and to vote for their favourite nominee!