Mercedes-Benz / developers (2019)

Mercedes-Benz developers


Introduction of the portal

The portal provides Mercedes-Benz data, APIs and SDKs to encourage the development of innovative business ideas around mobility and beyond. The portal covers a wide range of API products – from computer generated vehicle images to vehicle data e.g. for a pay-as-you-drive insurance product.

Why nominated

The Mercedes-Benz /developers team is eager to provide best-in-class developer experience with easy-to-understand API specification & documentation, testing features, quick registration process and fast email support. The portal conveys a clear and reduced state-of-the-art design language. This draws developers’ attention to the most important thing: the APIs.

All of this is well structured: Without many clicks, the user can try out the majority of the APIs immediately, as free trial versions are offered. Each API product includes an step-by-step  “Getting Started” guide and the portal's self-service process has been designed as simple as possible to get immediate access for API tryout. In the demo and docs sections of each API product the user finds everything required to get started quickly. In particular, the API Reference Documentation guides the user with code examples purposefully – whether it's an OAuth implementation or a general step-by-step guide.

For almost all products, the user can choose from several business pricing models, trial versions and a sandbox option. In addition to the actual product offering, the portal provides an "Inspire" section where you will find showcases for the use of selected APIs and vehicle data.