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Introduction of the portal

Ably provides cloud infrastructure and APIs to help developers simplify complex and realtime engineering. We make it easy to power and scale realtime features (chat, realtime updates, IoT control), or distribute data streams to third party developers (transit, sports, financial).

Why nominated

Looking to 2020 and beyond, the proportion of data produced and consumed in realtime is growing exponentially. IDC predict that by 2025 1/3
of all data produced globally will be realtime. Ably is helping companies build for megatrends like IoT, ML, AI, and autonomous vehicles. We enable them to embrace this paradigm shift in digital interactions with almost zero engineering work.

We already partner with some of the most innovative organizations, and they build on Ably for three reasons. They reduce technical complexity and operational engineering burden by offloading upfront and ongoing realtime engineering requirements to Ably. They benefit from unrivalled service reliability, performance, and protocol interoperability thanks to our innovative system design. And they future-proof their realtime stack because of Ably’s ongoing innovation across every aspect of realtime engineering that keeps them at the cutting edge of market requirements. Combined, this allows organizations to focus on core engineering megatrend goals that drive service development and business growth, rather than infrastructure and uptime.

As one customer of Ably said: “it’s [Ably] has caused a fundamental shift in mind-set around how we design, engineer, and distribute our product.”

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