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Mercedes-Benz / developers
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Introduction of the portal

Mercedes–Benz /developers is the developer ecosystem by Mercedes-Benz. We make Mercedes-Benz Data APIs and SDKs available to encourage the development of innovative business models for automotive and beyond.

Why nominated

The Mercedes-Benz /developers team is eager to provide best-in-class developer portal that provide everything our developers and
business users need. The portal conveys a clear and reduced state-of-the-art design language. This draws users’ attention to the most important thing: our products.

All of this is well structured: With just a few clicks, the user can try out the majority of the APIs immediately. The portal's self-service process has
been designed as simple as possible to get direct access to our products. For almost all products, the user can choose from several business pricing models, free versions and sandbox options. In addition to the actual product offering, the portal provides an "Inspire" section where you will find showcases for the use of selected products.

Our most recent improvements are:

• Improved development and testing capabilities: New Bring Your Own Car (BYOCAR) tier that allows for immediate and free access to real Mercedes-Benz vehicles along with an extensive simulation environments that allow for testing at any time with virtual vehicles. Check out our simultion environment here:
• New Design: Our fully revised landing page and product pages put our products in the spotlight and even more focus on our two user groups:
developers and business users
• New Onboarding: With individual target group pages for developers and business users we have enhanced the navigation and onboarding of our two user groups by responding to their individual needs.

Developers can now directly experience our products with interactive tryouts and code examples. In addition, business deciders are invited to explore our product portfolio through vivid use cases that assist in easily identifying benefits for their business

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