Vonage API Developer

Vonage API Developer


Introduction of the portal

The Vonage API platform offers innovative SMS, Video, Voice and Conversation APIs that enable applications and businesses to easily connect to their customers. With a community of more than 800,000 developers the developer portal contains everything you need to build connected applications, providing a global audience from day 1.


Why nominated

Vonage strives to provide the most user-friendly experience possible, with onboarding processes and community support at the core of making APIs accessible to those outside of traditional technology roles. The reliable guidance and the simple layout of our Developer Portal enables anyone to use Vonage APIs with ease.

Overall Developer Portal:

Vonage believes that the experience is the product, and that both integrators and end customers should be delighted when using our platform. This means: Documentation available in your language (Currently available in English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese) Standards-based API documentation for interoperability with external tools using OpenAPI Interactive tooling to show the platform in action leading to the “aha!” moment within 60 seconds of their first login SDKs available in the language you’re most comfortable with (JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, C#, Ruby and Go, plus iOS and Android SDKs) Showing how the Vonage platform can be used with industry standard tooling such as Postman and ngrok.

Community Spotlight and Outreach:

Our primary goal is to serve our community, which means supporting them throughout their integration of the Vonage API platform and then providing them with opportunities to share their story. By building a community of champions (Vonage Voyagers), we can give back to the community through mentorship whilst gaining feedback on early-access products. In addition to Voyagers, our education team runs a Developer Spotlight programme which allows customers to share what they’ve built without APIs.

Best Onboarding:

API Onboarding Campaign launched on March 31st. It is a 12-day, five touch API onboarding and activation email series that acknowledges each API registrant’s ‘entry’ point, preferences and use case and thereby delivers a set of highly engaging communications/interactions that puts them on the right activation path forward -  making them feel ‘welcome’ to use Vonage API while delivering a great customer experience.

Utilizing Vonage’s new branding and creative design, these onboarding emails deliver a unique interactive experience with links to vonage API’s useful tips and contents to make their API journey a great experience. As a result of this new Onboarding campaign, Vonage has seen a lift of 8% in its API activation since April 2020.