Codat Portal

Codat Developer Portal


Introduction of the Portal 

The Codat Portal is designed to enable developers to get started in seconds, with everything our community needs to build fast, innovative financial products on our API-first platform.

Once logged in, developers are able to complete the core flow of our product - create a company (which represents one of their customers), link that company’s data using our native standardized integrations (accounting, eCommerce, payments, banking, and others) and visualize the data in a highly digestible way.

From here, our community can easily grab their API credentials and explore our API.

Coming very soon we’ll be offering guided recipes and SDKs for popular use-cases when building on our product!

Why nominated

Best onboarding
Developers can sign up for a free account. Once logged in, they can use our intuitive default setup to test our integrations within seconds - linking and viewing sandbox data in a few simple guided steps. This staged model is not reliant on authorisation status but ensures developers have a good grasp before linking out to our API documentation, API credentials, and video tutorials, to go deeper into our product. It is easy to upgrade to our ‘Start-up’ plan from anywhere within the Portal. We also offer a taster of paid-for functionality as we look to attract and convert new users via the Portal.

Developers can access our public API documentation without registering for a free account.

Best API reference documentation & support
Upon viewing our docs, users can choose developer-specific get started guides. Following this, we provide ‘recipes’ for typical user journeys with code examples that can easily be copied from within our 2 column style.

We offer a wide range of API basics support. We clearly outline how to get set-up with each of our integrations and offer FAQs as well as interactive first-line support guides. Our data model has full endpoint and JSON example responses and definitions for each, inclusive of methods and parameters. This links out to our interactive API and Swagger guides, as well as our public Product Roadmap and API status pages. All of which can be easily switched between our test and production environments. Our docs are updated everyday, as we practice CI/CD and regularly release new functionality.

Excitingly, we are in the midst of setting up a developer enablement team who will be developing our new docs experience to provide more interactivity, guided examples, and support!

Best API Business Model
We provide instant, free, and unlimited access to our API using our sandbox data for all integration types. This enables developers to freely implement prior to go-live, unimpeded by commercial challenges. We also provide very limited access to our paid-for features to our free accounts - pulling and pushing real business data with our two most popular standardized integrations - Xero and QuickBooks Online.

If users are interested in progressing they have a number of options. Our ‘Start-up’ plan at a fixed monthly billing rate takes seconds to upgrade to via our embedded Stripe integration directly from the developer Portal. For Enterprise use cases, we offer tailored solutions, volume pricing, and additional dedicated support. There is nothing preventing any customer-type from upgrading to our Start-up plan as we want to make sign up as frictionless as possible.

Nominated in these Categories


Best served API Business Model

Business alignment

Developer portals that have a coherent, clear, and orienting narrative to explain what their offerings are about, to help both developers and business users to discover and evaluate the right API for...


Best API Reference Documentation

Developer experience

Developer portals that improve on how end users experience API reference documentation.


Best Onboarding

Developer experience

Developer portals that strike the right balance of just enough information to get an end user engaged, access, and up and running with an API product.