G+D Convego® Connect APIs

G+D Convego® Connect APIs

Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH

Introduction of the Portal 

The rapid digitalization of banking services has lead to increasing expectation for speed and personalization of payment cards for end-users. This has also significantly raise the bar for payment providers in terms of agility, relevance and quality.

G+D Convego® Connect APIs is a comprehensive API-based Devportal platform which allows our customers in discovering a new world of Card Issuance and Digital Payment banking solutions. Our aim is to provide simple, easy and seamless API-integration solutions to ensure that our customers and partner institutions can keep up with the changing expectations of their end-users and also, stay ahead of them.

Our platform is securely hosted in the cloud and all solutions provide connectivity to our 20+ global perso bureau sites. We work closely with our customers to deliver the right set of APIs / SDKs - so that we can revolutionize the Card Issuance services and payment solutions: right from the time a cardholder places an order for its card, to providing real-time card delivery status, activation, usage and renewal process.

Why nominated

Best Developer Dashboard:
We nominated our Dev Portal for this category because we want our customers to have a single access to their API keys, as well as other onboarding-related documents and approvals without the need to go through any lengthy manual processes.

Best use of API Gateway Integration:
Card Issuance services can have one of the most complex, lengthy and complicated processes within the Financial and Banking industry. It can take months and even more than a year to launch a successful card program. At G+D, we work together with a global-mindset approach in solving these pain problems - keeping security at its top priority. For these reasons, we have designed our secure globally-accessible API Gateway in a way which allows our customers to seamlessly integrate with our solutions and also, gain access to all our G+D Perso bureau sites globally - thereby launching and managing their card program effectively.

Best use of Monetization:
Our API programs are designed with focus on solving our customers current problems as well as allowing them to create new business ideas and use-cases. So our monetization process is designed according to their needs and as per the functionality of their card programs.

Best Internal Devportal
At G+D, we adopted a mindset to design our APIs in a way which should be able to integrated - both by other internal teams as well as our customers and partners. Due to the complexity of certain use-cases, it is important that our Devportal can also serve internal teams across all our global sites because certain APIs are needed to be integrated within individual perso bureau sites.

Nominated in these Categories


Best use of Monetization

Business alignment

Developer Portals transparent and comprehensible in monetizing on their API products through self-service or other integrations.


Best use of Analytics in a DevPortal

Operational excellence

Developer portals that provide dashboards or analytics to enhance the developer experience or business value of operating with the documented APIs.