KBC Developer Portal (2021)

Introduction of the Portal 

The KBC Developer Portal is our digital store for integrations of our products and services. We offer all necessary information and documentation for developers, including sandbox, easy onboarding, sample code and multiple integration methods. Next to that, we cater to business people by showcasing possible business solutions and sharing news and user stories. The offered integration methods vary from API integration to no-code solutions such as our partner hub. This in order to serve the variety of entrepreneurs that can benefit from extending their offering to the customer with a financial one, both for banking as for insurance.

Why nominated

Reference documentation & support: On the portal itself, all the necessary information for easy onboarding and working is provided (easy 3-step onboarding, contact form, sample code, etc). There is also a support team in place to assist for the API integrations if needed.

Editorial experience: We have defined different access rights on our portal, KBC staff can request a role using our internal KBC access mgmt. system. After approval of the request the KBC colleague can use the federated login to get access to our dev portal. We have roles that allow creation of business content, publishing of business content, creation of technical content, publishing of technical content, a view only role and the site admin… This approach enables us to allow colleagues to update the information they know best, but as portal admins still keep an overview of the whole picture. We have templates ready on our portal so someone without any experience can easily find their way around.

API gateway: When a new api is set up on the KBC developer portal, the portal creates a unique key (UUID) for it. This key is also set up at gateway level. When an API integration is requested on our dev portal we get a notification about it. We first do some background checks and if everything is ok we accept the API integration request. Once accepted the information from our dev portal (client ID, Client Secret, public key,..) is automatically passed to our API gateway. In addition the client ID is linked to the requester account in our CRM system. When a call is made gateway checks the credentials (including UUID) and a check is done to see what CRM account is linked to the client ID. Depending on what API is used, some more finegrained validation is happening afterwards. as such, the complexity for integration is hidden and the end user has a smooth experience.

Alternatives for REST-API's: on the KBC Developer portal, we offer multiple integration methods in order to cater to a wide audience of businesses that can benefit from integrating our products and services. On the 'business solutions' part of the portal, it is explained per business solution which integration method is available, including all necessary documentation.

Nominated in these Categories


Best DevPortal for Citizen Developers (Low/No-Code)

Business alignment

Developer portals that are targeting small businesses or people who can be described as Citizen Developers. 


Best API Reference Documentation

Developer experience

Developer portals that improve on how end users experience API reference documentation.