Tink Console

Introduction of the Portal 

Tink is Europe’s leading open banking platform. Our customers are developers from big banks, fintechs and startups that want to build the next generation of personalised, engaging and data-driven financial products and services. Our DevPortal is a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that developers use to connect to our platform and power their own applications.

Tink Console (console.tink.com): The Tink Console is the control panel that lets developers configure, customise, manage, and deploy access to the financial data powering their apps.

Documentation (docs.tink.com): Easy-to-follow implementation guides, API reference and sample projects

Why nominated

Best Onboarding: The Tink Console is designed to make onboarding a smooth and pleasant experience. Creating an account is free, and developers can get up and running in minutes. You can try the onboarding guides for our Account Check product here: https://docs.tink.com/resources/account-check

Best API Reference Documentation & Support: Great documentation is critical for the success of Tink, especially for smaller customers and startups who don't want to pay for Enterprise-grade customer support. You can check our documentation site at docs.tink.com and API reference at https://docs.tink.com/api

Best Developer Dashboard: The Tink Console is structured around products that solve customer problems, and each product has its own set of configurations and settings. This includes providing basic analytics and usage statistics so developers can see how well their integration is performing, configuring SDKs, as well as customising the look and feel of product flows. You can try it here: https://console.tink.com/account-verification/get-started

Best API Business Model: Open banking is reshaping the financial industry and if anything, the pandemic has only accelerated that shift from analog, branch-based banking to digital, app-based banking. By connecting to thousands of banks across Europe, Tink is creating the infrastructure layer. Each data point fetched through the Tink API, even something as simple as an account holder's name, can be used to power KYC or AML requirements. This creates clear use cases and revenue streams across hundreds of industries. For more information, please look at our product pages: https://tink.com/products/

Best Developer Dashboard

Nominated in these Categories


Best Served API Business Model

Business impact

Developer portals that have a coherent, clear, and orienting narrative to explain what their offerings are about, to help both developers and business users to discover and evaluate the right API for...


Best Use of Analytics in a Developer Portal

Business impact

Developer portals that provide dashboards or analytics to enhance the developer experience or business value of operating with the documented APIs. 


Best Onboarding Experience in a Developer Portal

Developer experience

Developer portals that strike the right balance of just enough information to get an end user engaged, access, and up and running with an API product.