Aiven Developer (2022)




Building a developer-centric one-stop collection of resources for users of Aiven, a multicloud platform for open source managed data solutions. Our mission is to make developers' lives better. We do that on our developer portal by signposting the different products, integration and tools, and creating a consistent data structure so that our users always feel at home. It's a young project, but we don't intend to ever declare it "finished"- we can always improve and expand!

Why nominated?

Aiven is an extensive platform, with expert users. The portal focuses on well-structured, informative content that empowers our users to identify the resources they need to achieve their goals. With consistent content types and excellent search integration, we strive to have users quickly find their way.

Best Devportal Beyond REST Platforms

Nominated in these Categories


Best Findability of Products in a DevPortal

Developer experience

Devportals with easy to discover tools or structures that allow for finding APIs. 


Best Accessible DevPortal

Operational excellence

Developer portals that provide an accessible experience to all users with consideration for disability types and severity of impairment.