Dolby Laboratories

Introduction provides developers with self-service access to premium audio and video capabilities built by Dolby Laboratories. These APIs of Sight and Sound are supported by a network of resources to support different learning styles with onboarding that creates deeply integrated connections across documentation, technical blog posts, youtube videos, and github sample code.


Why nominated

An innovation in how we've provided inter-connections through tags that provide pathways between GitHub, Technical Blog, and Documentation based on different learning styles. Filtering by topics that are common across properties provides intuitive engagement to continue learning paths even as you cross boundaries between systems and types of resources (video, short-form blog content, long-form tutorials, reference documentation, and sample code).

Nominated in these Categories


Best New DX Innovation

Operational excellence

Celebrate the innovations of today that will be expected as normal in the developer portals of tomorrow. 


Best Onboarding

Developer experience

Developer portals that strike the right balance of just enough information to get an end user engaged, access, and up and running with an API product.