FactSet Developer (2023)





The FactSet Developer Portal offers a variety of APIs and additional technical assets to help create bespoke user experiences and solutions, such as dashboards, client portals, and integration into BI tools, while simultaneously increasing productivity and reducing manual distribution costs. It provides descriptive information about each API along with detailed guides, change logs, code snippets and SDKs in TypeScript/JavaScript C#, Java, Python, and R.


Why nominated


Best Interface Developer Portal

As technical assets increase in variety, developer portals are challenged with presenting them in a way that appeals to an extensive user persona. Gone are the days of providing pure technical documentation and API details for developers to code. It’s not JUST about APIs, it's about APIs AND the additional layers required to create a working solution. A key mandate of the FactSet Developer Portal is to provide insights into the additional layers and how they fit into our API ecosystem/family.

Widgets - Dynamic, modular web components that can be embedded into your web-based online environment that integrate seamlessly with FactSet content alongside your own.

Recipes - The art of the possible when combining FactSet APIs with ubiquitous enterprise applications and services, such as, Snowflake, Microsoft, and Salesforce to name a few.

Interactive Jupyter Notebooks - A sandboxed environment for exploring FactSet APIs with just one click.


Best Findability of Products in DevPortal

With the introduction to the Solutions section, real-world the role and job function thus making it easier to find the right products that solve their needs. Through approach we aim to reduce friction in finding the right products, as we provide details on the value added and how these solve their challenges.


FactSet Recipes help illustrate the art of possible by leveraging our suite of open and flexible APIs, datafeeds and applications while promoting best practices through real-life examples.  Through Recipes we show how different APIs combined with technology can aid in creating the next generation of solutions thus making it easier to find the right products for a given business use case.


FactSet’s Developer Portal offers an extensive, searchable API catalog that makes discovering APIs easy with features like fast & advanced search, effective product filters/ filter categories that make it easier to crawl through our vast API product offering and an API for the catalog so users can easily integrate it into their own catalogs and marketplaces.



Best API Reference Documentation

Since the release of the FactSet Developer Portal, we’ve invested in our detailed documentation on each API alongside change logs, software development kits, and code snippets in C#, Java, Python, and R.

Recipes give our users real-world examples of how our APIs can be stitched together to solve common business challenges. Recipes are discoverable via a catalog, grouped by various business workflows.

All the API specs and documentation are publicly available, and clients can submit questions directly from each API page.

Examples include:

  • Usage Dashboard
  • Error Logs
  • Client Support Integration (i.e. Issue Tracker)
  • Jupyter Notebook Sandbox
  • Self-Service Tools

See the full catalog of recipes here: https://developer.factset.com/recipe-catalog

Best Findability of Products in a Devportal

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Best Findability of Products in a DevPortal

Developer experience

Developer portals with easy to discover tools or structures that allow for finding APIs.