Fastly Developer Hub (2023)



Fastly’s Developer Hub is a central place for developers to easily access all the tools they need to build fast, scalable and secure modern applications on the Fastly edge cloud platform. Housed within the Developer Hub is a testing sandbox, ready-to-deploy code snippets, and a growing repository of structured tutorials, reference materials, and documentation.


Why nominated


In addition to helping developers shape the future of the internet on the edge, Fastly’s Developer Hub is built from the ground up with the Fastly community in mind. It serves as not only a central place for developers to easily access all the tools and resources they need to build on the edge, but one where they can come together to solve problems, learn, and create with the support of others.

To that end, the Developer Hub landing page seeks to make the power and performance of Fastly’s network tangible to developers by visualizing real requests to Fastly’s network — as seen through the lens of its customers and Fast Forward open source program members. The Request Visualizer breaks down the lifecycle of a single request to Fastly’s network, while the Flight Map visualizes traffic between users of Fast Forward program members and JSDeliver and Fastly’s Points of Presence (POPs).

The Fastly community section on the Developer Hub links to the Fastly community forum and showcases the important work Fastly’s developer community is doing to innovate and strengthen nascent and longstanding technologies and communities like the Fediverse, Kubernetes, GNOME, Linux, and more. For example, a regular community spotlight segment highlights the amazing projects community members are building and how, with Fastly, they’re able to lower costs and make more streamlined, seamless and engaging experiences. Additionally, new updates to the site will continue to bring to the forefront and support the great work by the community including OSS project features and live, digital events hosted by Fastly’s DevRel team.

The Hub continues to grow and expand beyond just a repository of structured tutorials and reference materials that provide developers all the tools they need, to a strong community of users building the future of the web together.

Nominated in these Categories


Best Visual Design

Developer experience

Developer portals demonstrating harmony of usability, content, and aesthetics to present APIs in a well-structured, understandable way. 


Best New DX Innovation

Operational excellence

Celebrate the innovations of today that will be expected as normal in the developer portals of tomorrow. 


Best Community Outreach & Support

Developer experience

Developer portals with great community sections where developers can share knowledge and build connections.