MyPreferences Developer Portal (2023)


The MyPreferences Developer Portal, offered by PossibleNOW, serves as a powerful resource for developers to access and work with PossibleNOW’s innovative APIs. PossibleNOW is a leader in consent and preference management, helping businesses build trust by providing customers transparency and control over their consent, preference, and insight data .

The portal hosts a range of APIs designed to facilitate the creation of hyper-personalized customer experiences, critical in today’s digital landscape where customers expect tailored communications . These APIs include the Experience API, the Data Collection API, and the Bulk API.

1. The Experience API returns configuration data that allows for the creation of bespoke zero-party data experiences across various customer touchpoints, without requiring developer assistance.
2. The Data Collection API aids in the collection, storage, and retrieval of zero-party data associated with user profiles, supporting a unified view of a user’s zero-party data.
3. The Bulk API is an asynchronous RESTful API designed to support bulk import and export operations, enabling high volume data import operations and real-time integration between internal systems and MyPreferences.

The portal is a part of PossibleNOW’s suite of services and solutions that aim to enhance marketing capabilities and transform the customer experience, while also maintaining compliance with expanding privacy regulations . It’s designed to help developers easily build dynamic, personalized preference, consent, and insight collection interfaces, and integrate data across all customer-facing systems .

Ultimately, the MyPreferences Developer Portal is an essential tool for any developer looking to leverage the power of PossibleNOW’s APIs to create more meaningful, personalized, and compliant customer interactions.


Why nominated

1. Best Findability of Products in a Devportal: The MyPreferences Developer Portal is intuitively organized, with APIs categorized by function, ensuring quick and easy navigation.
2. Best API Reference Documentation: The portal provides detailed API documentation that can be understood by developers of all levels. It stands out for its interactive nature, allowing developers to switch to the programming language they’re most comfortable with. This, coupled with continuous scrolling similar to Stripe’s API docs, allows for seamless exploration of the entire API offering.
3. Best Accessible Developer Portal: Accessibility is a key strength of the portal. Its clear language, structured layout, and diverse APIs cater to a wide range of use cases and skill levels. A unique feature is the API Explorer, designed for easy use even by non-developers. Switching between sandbox or production environments requires no setup and takes mere seconds.

Finally, the integration of an AI-powered chatbot within the documentation allows users to ask questions and receive instant responses, enhancing the user experience further. These features collectively make the MyPreferences Developer Portal an excellent resource, providing a smooth and interactive experience for users.

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Best Findability of Products in a DevPortal

Developer experience

Developer portals with easy to discover tools or structures that allow for finding APIs.