NewDay Docs (2023)


NewDay’s Developer Portal provides API documentation, API overviews and demos to help a range of users understand and integrate with our APIs. Our Developer Portal has been created with developers and business users in mind to offer a seamless user journey regardless of technical knowledge. We want business users to understand our API products whilst also making it easy for developers to integrate with them.


Why nominated


Best Findability of Products

Our developer portal has been designed with our various user types in mind. We’ve wanted to ensure each user type can easily find the products that are relevant to them. Throughout the portal we’ve made sure API Reference pages are just a click or two away when browsing our API product pages to help consolidate a user’s understanding. Our API Catalogue page also includes filters which cater to what the user will be interested in, including API product, solution, and user type. A user can use any of these filters to help find the API’s which they’re interested in.

Within each of our content pages we’ve included an in page navigation, we appreciate some users will know what they’re looking for within our pages and we want to make this as easy to find as possible.


Best Visual Design

Our Developer Portal has been created using our design system, and is made up of customised components, design tokens and typography. This ensures consistency throughout our Portal, and creates efficiency when new content pages are required.

The design for our Developer Portal has been driven by our different personas, we want it to be a platform used by product and business users as well as developers. We’ve designed the portal so it’s interchangeable between the API product page and API Reference page. Throughout the portal content design is a critical part, whether that be through flow diagrams of the API or a demo, we believe this helps a user consolidate their understanding of our API products through offering different methods of learning.

Nominated in these Categories


Best Findability of Products in a DevPortal

Developer experience

Developer portals with easy to discover tools or structures that allow for finding APIs.