Payments Hub Developer Portal (2023)


PaymentsHub by North American Bancard


The Payments Hub Developer Portal is the all-inclusive payments and operations ecosystem offering a variety of payments APIs, SDKs, and Semi-Integrated architecture solutions for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and merchants. Partnering with us allows developers to create highly customized payments systems for ecommerce, omnichannel, and in-person transactions. Developer-friendly resources like a 3-pane API spec viewer, downloadable SDKs in multiple languages, and self-service Sandbox credentials with test card data can help devs get started on their own, without talking to a support representative. Features like an interactive Solution Finder and test terminal ordering make it easy for business decision-makers to find the right product and get any necessary hardware delivered to their doorstep.


Why nominated

Best Onboarding

The Payments Hub Developer Portal makes it easy for developers to get on board by placing key resources at their fingertips without creating an account, including API specs, integration guides, code samples, and downloadable SDKs. Features that are customized for each developer are available behind login, which only requires an email address and company name (in contrast to many payments dev portals that require extensive information to create an account). These custom features include an Integration Tracker that logs progress on Payments Hub integrations and provides a central location where devs can quickly access essential resources. While we make it simple for developers to self-start, dedicated support from Payments Hub developers and Sales Engineers is only a click away through our simple contact form.

Best Visual Design

The Payments Hub Dev Portal’s UX and visual design were built by developers for developers, with a focus on clarity and ease of use without sacrificing functionality. Prioritizing both form and function, the design features a dark mode, intuitive page layouts, meaningful graphics (sans cheesy stock photos), and a clean 3-pane API spec viewer with Try Now functionality that allows developers to send sample requests and receive responses without leaving the spec page. Traversing the nav menu is easy thanks to the site’s logical hierarchy that guides readers from Page A to Page B, as well as extensive internal linking for direct access to relevant pages.

Best Findability of Products

Easily discover and evaluate the products on the Payments Hub Dev Portal using the Solution Finder on the Products page, which offers a comparison of the most important product information that business decision-makers and developers need at first glance, including compatible languages and platforms, PCI scope, and hardware compatibility. From the Solution Finder, either follow the product link to jump directly to the docs, or use the left-hand nav menu to filter products by category. Devs can also search by keyword or browse each product’s home page for more detailed information and case studies to find the best product for their needs. After narrowing down the options, users can dig deeper into a product’s docs through prominent links to the integration guide, API spec, interactive product demo, and downloadable resources.

Nominated in these Categories


Best Findability of Products in a DevPortal

Developer experience

Developer portals with easy to discover tools or structures that allow for finding APIs. 


Best Onboarding

Developer experience

Developer portals that strike the right balance of just enough information to get an end user engaged, access, and up and running with an API product.