Tapdata Cloud (2023)




Tapdata Cloud is a real-time data platform provided by Tapdata that integrates data replication and data development. This online documentation helps developers start quickly and learn efficiently.


Why nominated

Tapdata is the perfect fusion of Tap and data, offering developers and users a seamless data access experience akin to turning on a faucet. Gone are the days of grappling with complex data transfer links.

At Tapdata, we take pride in our user-centric approach to documentation, emphasizing exceptional visual design, findability, and internationalization to deliver an unparalleled experience for developers and users alike:

- Our document directory structure is thoughtfully designed around the user's product usage flow, complemented by robust online search capabilities, ensuring developers can swiftly find the information they need with ease.
- We provide seamless integration with various data sources, empowering developers to swiftly get started and independently tackle challenges with greater efficiency.
- Information is presented using multiple tabs and collapsible blocks, streamlining content display to enhance user information retrieval speed and efficiency.
- For the sake of user comfort, we provide a user-friendly dark mode that helps protect the eyes.
- Embracing diversity, we support internationalization with dedicated domain names for different languages, reducing information clutter and catering to users around the globe.
- At Tapdata, everything is open-source, allowing developers to freely submit modifications and collaborate. Our GitHub repository seamlessly integrates with Netlify, providing real-time previews of any content changes.
- We cherish feedback from our valued developers and users. By incorporating a dedicated Feedback channel on the right side of the documentation, we actively listen and continuously refine the documentation experience based on your input.

Nominated in these Categories


Best Findability of Products in a DevPortal

Developer experience

Developer portals with easy to discover tools or structures that allow for finding APIs.