Deutsche Bank API Program (2018)

Deutsche Bank API Program
Deutsche Bank

Introduction of the portal

The Deutsche Bank API Program enables third parties to easily work with the bank’s data.
It includes an API Explorer that allows you to play around with our APIs andget a first feeling before any registration.
Once you want more, you can register within seconds to integrate the API with test data into your own application. They created a simulated environment with their own test personas that almost feel like real Deutsche Bank customers. You can use them to run your tests or first pilots. In addition, you can upload your individual test data. All this can be found in your own cockpit in your personalized dashboard.

The developer portal is created on Angular and uses industry standards such as Swagger 2.0, OpenID Connect and OAuth2. Their API adheres to the principles of REST. Both the developer portal and the API were built while relying on the OWASP security principles. The rich documentation comes with code snippets and a self-explanatory introduction to OAuth2 flows. Their FAQ is a compendium of all the questions we were ever asked. In case you can’t find the answer to your question there or you are looking for a person to talk to, reach out to us. They are keen to get back to you. Within few hours – always kind, always ready to help. When you want to access real data, there is a straight-forward online form that initiates the onboarding. The onboarding is conducted in a combination of automated processes and manual assessment. They guarantee the onboarding takes no longer than two weeks to receive your production key.

Why nominated

"As a bank, it is crucial to keep the highest security standards while providing a “joy of use”. The Deutsche Bank API Program fulfils both criteria perfectly. APIs always address two target groups: the developer who uses it and the decision maker (business person) who decides to use it. A well-designed developer portal needs to cater both target groups with information and guidance. The Deutsche Bank API Program provides the balanced mix for both groups.

In a world where you can buy everything from shelf, the developer portal for Deutsche Bank API Program is a handmade and unique product. We build it internally to learn through the process and improve the experience for our users. Instead of providing just raw data endpoints, Deutsche Bank aggregates data to API Products that solve real customer needs. We regularly talk to our customers and visit industry events to learn about your needs and to enrich our offering in API Products."

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