Best served API Business Model

How does serving your API business model win the award?

How do you make sure that your offerings are well explained, and served in a way that your users resonate with immediately? 

What is your developer portal about and why are you offering it? Are developer portal users able to engage with your messaging and presentation to want to use your product offering? 

This category is for devportals that found a cohesive and transparent way to stay true to their API business model. They manage to increase the API’s perceived value through appropriate and clear descriptions.

Award Criteria

Questions to ask:

  • What is the end consumer going to use the data for?

  • Whether you're marketing one API or many, how well are you putting in key concepts to your product that help people to supercharge their experience of your ecosystem?

  • How easy is it to digest the information in your developer portal?

  • What is the customer journey and is it cohesive with your brand, your products, and the desired outcome?

  • Is the perceived value of your APIs clear to your customers?

  • What is your developer portal about? What assumptions are made of the consumer? Do they understand what you're doing?

  • How do you make sure your developer portal users understand what they are doing?


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