Who are the members of the Jury in 2019?


DevPortal Awards Jury 2019

We're thrilled to announce that Anne Gentle, Lukas Rosenstock and Bob Watson confirmed to form the DevPortal Awards Jury in 2019.

They're going to select the winners in 11 categories and they'll also decide on the Best Overall Developer Portal Jury prize.

Public voting starts next month!


DevPortal Awards 2019

Public voting in the Best Overall category starts in August and this year you'll need to register with your email address before voting for your favourite portal. Voting might take a bit longer than last year, but we hope we'll create a fair(er) contest by introducing this 2-step process.

Good luck to the contestants!

Last article of the series: Best Design, Best New DX Innovation


DevPortal Awards 2019

The fifth and last article in our series is focusing on the following questions:

How can API portals enhance user experience in general, and pay special attention to developer experience? How can design elements support usability and content? What makes a devportal, in overall, stand out against competitors?

Best Post-integration and Maintenance Support and 2 further categories


DevPortal Awards 2019

How can you make sure you guide your users towards the support resources they need? How can you prove that your portal and APIs are updated regularly and that everything works in the best way possible? How can you show that your portal is trustworthy? How can you enroll your users in a programme that will help your organization gain visibility?

In this article, we will address how to solve issues that go beyond self-service support.