Towards Inclusivity: Best Accessible Devportal, Best Localized & International Devportal


DevPortal Awards 2019

This is the first article in a series that serves with background explanations and examples within the categories:

  • we give you an overview of the different nomination categories and
  • walk you through the evaluation criteria to see where your devportal excels.

DevPortal Information Architecture: A 4-step Method


Devportal Information Architecture

Pronovix developed a 4-step information architecture method to help their clients identify all the individual pieces of content for their developer portal and to find out how these pieces are related.

Watch Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő's talk from API the Docs Chicago and learn about the methods!

Two new categories in 2019


The mission of DevPortal Awards has not changed: it aims at collecting knowledge and spreading it back to the API community. In line with this, in 2019 we introduce two new categories – Best Accessible Devportal, Best International & Localized Devportal – which are two topics that haven't been looked after so far.

We are looking forward to nominations in these new categories very much - let the community learn from your examples!

The Anatomy of a Great Developer Portal



What are the jobs that we need a developer portal to fulfill? What are the best practices and design patterns? How can these be implemented?

Watch Kristof's talk from DevRelCon Tokyo 2019, where he talked about The Anatomy of a Great Developer Portal.