Photos from the Gala


DevPortal Awards Gala Photo Album cover image

Re-live some of the best moment of the Awards Gala – see the teams behind the devportals and have a glimpse on the winners.

An overview of the winners


DevPortal Awards Jury Prize Winner

What makes your API references good?
How can you boost developer experience?
What docs do decision makers need?
What ensures accessibility?

See how this year's winners tackle these issues and what feedback the Jury gave on their work.

Thank you


Thank you for being part of DevPortal Awards 2019. We hope we could all learn from the best practices of the nominated portals as well as from the feedback of the Jury.

A follow-up blog post will be published soon, and we're planning interviews with the winners too. Stay tuned!

Voting is over


Public voting for the Best Overall Developer Portal *Community Prize* is over. This year the portals received 2210 votes altogether and we have a winner with 366 votes.

Voting & Jury results will be announced at the Awards Gala on 11 October, then they'll be posted on the site too.

Stay tuned!