Best Findability of Products in a DevPortal

What are the examples of findability in developer portals?


There is rarely a “one shoe fits all” solution. Information architecture can vary from customer to customer in terms of the complexity of the products being offered to the simplicity of APIs that stand out from each other. 


Setting up a developer portal is not just about sharing a bucket of building blocks. All the blocks have to be available, accessible, findable and discoverable. Companies that do this well give the developer portal users a structure: there are examples, the documentation is there where it is expected, troubleshooting is easy. In short: the overall experience is organised and in place.


A landing page with entry points for the main audiences, a catalog, a basic search, a faceted search, and suggestive discoverability are all examples of ways in which an API consumer can find your APIs.


Award Criteria


  • Your DevPortal undertakes efforts to increase the findability of what it has to provide in general and how to navigate through it.
  • A developer landing on your portal understands your API offering and where to find what they need.


Read more about the anti-patterns of developer portals such as the API Freezer (being an obstacle for good findability and discoverability) on the Pronovix blog.