Best Visual Design

Why is the visual design key in a well-functioning developer portal?

Clarity improves the developer experience. Your developer portal will inspire trust when you present every aspect of the APIs in a well-structured and understandable way. This award showcases developer portals that have found the perfect harmony of usability, content and aesthetics and present every aspect of the APIs in a well-structured, understandable way. These developer portals inspire trust through superior production quality. Most importantly, they show clarity of purpose and cohesion in execution.


Award Criteria

Questions to ask:

  • When I interact with the portal can I intuit based on look and feel where I'm going?

  • How can design elements support usability and content?

  • How does design contribute to how I discover what APIs are offered?

  • How does design reflect the main benefits of the solutions and how to get started?

  • How can API portals enhance user experience in general, and pay special attention to developer experience?

  • How does the developer portal play within the lies of broader corporate branding to create its own niche?

  • How does the UI design serve the developer portal content?

  • How is usability, consistency, and clarity served up?

  • Are there clever visual solutions that increase developer or user experience?

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